01. August 2019
The transporter in Star Trek really deserves some scrutiny. Afterall, every ride is only one way...
10. May 2019
Image of Time Traveler Marty McFly starting to disappear.    Image is from the 1985 movie Back to the Future.
by Garry Murdock
29. September 2018
All the passengers on Flight 828 to New York City inadvertently become time travelers when their flight lands 5 years after takeoff. Let's dive deep.
26. July 2018
Top 10 Time Travel Stories in books, TV and movies. Perhaps you'll be inspired by one you haven't seen or read yet.
10. July 2018
Where thetimeportal.net's Garry Murdock would go in his time machine.
03. March 2017
Imagine you're on an interstellar flight and you wake up 96 years too soon. What do you do?
21. November 2016
"If I was going to relive the same day over and over again, I'd want it to be a day that can make a difference," Says Time Traveler Samantha Kingston in Before I Fall Trailer. by Garry Murdock Finishing high school can be a painful period in one's life. Just when you feel you've got it all together, the routine is suddenly over, and good friends are moving away. Sure, there's social media to keep in touch, but it's not quite the same as being there, is it? Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) has...
20. November 2016
2002's remake of The Time Machine, image courtesy of Warner Brothers. In this blog, Garry Murdock writes why time travel tv shows should explain how their time machines work.
19. November 2016
The 'Body Snatchers' Are Back and This Time They're Polite. by Garry Murdock In the first episode of Travelers, we meet up with five strangers who we are told, via on screen text, are about to die. Do they die? We're not sure, because at the last moment their bodies are taken over by time travelers. Who exactly are these people? What is their mission? If they're here, where are their real bodies? Five episodes in and we're no less the wiser. We know they're here to change the future, with...
18. November 2016
Master storyteller's time travel novel perfectly blends adventure with cutting edge technology.